Armor experience the perfect holiday gift for that history buff as tanks put visitors back in time at the Museum of American Armor at Old Bethpage Village Restoration

Putting history enthusiasts in the middle of a column of operational World War II tanks is now the perfect Christmas gift being offered by the Museum of American Armor at Nassau County’s Old Bethpage Village Restoration, allowing visitors to go back in time when American forces raced for the Nazi border in 1944.

With a $100 gift package, field orders can be placed under the tree for a spring 2017 “offensive” where recipients will be provided with instructions on tactics and field strategy after they don GI uniforms and place themselves inside the museum’s armor as they maneuver in the woods of Old Bethpage Village Restoration. As they approach a potential enemy ambush they will be escorted by a Sherman tank to provide necessary cover.

Endorsed by the Long Island Council on the Social Study and applauded by the History Channel’s historian emeritus, the Museum of American Armor provides a unique armor experience unavailable anywhere else in the northeast. It has become a powerful living history lesson for those seeking to better appreciate the heroes in their own families as well as the world we live in today.

The gift package is only available by contacting the museum online at

The museum is open throughout the year between 10 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. Adult admission is $10, with discounts for veterans and seniors, and $5 for children.


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