British armored car latest acquisition for Museum of American Armor




Credits Khaki Corps Imports for its skill in acquiring and supporting the historic vehicle

The Museum of American Armor at Old Bethpage Village Restoration, Old Bethpage, New York has acquired a British CVR(W) Fox armored reconnaissance vehicle from Khaki Corps Imports (KCI) of Tulsa, Oklahoma, as part of its mission to display operational military vehicles that have defended democracy and freedom. This marks the second military vehicle the museum has acquired through KCI.

Museum director Mark Renton stated, “There are any number of options in purchasing period military vehicles but we look for a trusted company that can support the vehicle long after the purchase has been completed. Having already purchased a Ferret armored car from the company, Khaki Corps was the obvious choice.”

The recently acquired Fox was deployed by the British in the mid-1970s for the purpose of supporting armored and mechanized infantry units. With its crew of three, its 6 cylinder gasoline powered Jaguar engine gave the Fox a surprising top speed of 64 miles per hour. It was armed with a 30 mm cannon and a coaxial machine gun. Its unique design included a low profile rotating turret and aluminum armor. Operationally, it was meant to outflank far heavier armored units, acting as a scout and a weapons platform that could engage light vehicles.

Pat Eagan, president and founder of Khaki Corps Imports stated, “We are proud of our work supporting the efforts of The Museum of American Armor in New York and our broader role of providing demilled, certified military armor to clients across the United States. Each vehicle has an important story to tell and we recognize that it’s not just about the sale but our ability to provide technical support to ensure these vehicles continue to roll for many years to come.”

For over fifteen years KCI has been a licensed importer of foreign military vehicles and equipment into the United States, specializing in British military vehicles, i.e., Land Rovers, armored personnel carriers, scout cars, self propelled guns and tanks. They also have a substantial inventory of British armored vehicle spare parts. KCI sales include vehicles and spares that are in stock as well as sales on an order basis.


The Museum of American Armor opened due to the public – private efforts of Nassau County Edward P. Mangano and museum president and founder Lawrence Kadish. It has over 25 operational vehicles under one roof and includes the iconic Sherman tank, a Stuart tank used extensively by the Marines during their Pacific campaigns,  a potent 155 mm howitzer, reconnaissance vehicles that acted as armored scouts for American forces, anti-aircraft guns and similar weapons that broke the back of the Axis powers during World War II. Other vehicles range from a classic LaSalle staff car in the markings of a Fleet Admiral, to jeeps, weapons carriers and half-tracks.

Beyond World War II programs, tributes are being created to the American service men and women who have served in Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan and the War on Terror so that the museum is able to fulfill its mission of honoring America’s defense of freedom throughout the decades.

The museum is open Wednesday through Sunday, 10 AM to 4 PM.   Admission is $10, adults; $7, children 5 – 12 (under 5 are free); and $7, seniors, volunteer firefighters and veterans. Admission to the armor museum also allows you access to Old Bethpage Village Restoration.