The Museum of American Armor offers you a trip back in time. The Armor Experience


You can schedule a date to go back to 1944 when Allied forces were pushing back German troops mile by mile and fought to liberate a continent.

Periodically throughout the year the Museum of American Armor, 1303 Round Swamp Road, Old Bethpage Village Restoration, schedules its nationally respected Armor Experience program that allows individuals to be immersed in a time and place where civilization hung in the balance.

You are put you in the lead of an armor column probing enemy defenses in what could be the French countryside some 70 years ago. Presented with a tactical challenge to confront a potential ambush, you are given period gear, placed atop WW II armor and sent back in time with living historians as every bend in the road holds hidden danger.

 “This is an extraordinary experience that has been recreated right down to the G.I. coffee….It is quite rare to see these armored vehicles in action much less be part of a program that so effectively immerses you in the period.” Dr. Libby O’Connell, History Channel’s Chief Historian

The 21st Century is far away as a Sherman tank comes around the corner, you hear the sound of troops rushing past your position while your platoon leader is shouting at you to get down. It’s only later that you remember this isn’t France, 1944.

The Armor Experience is available to premium museum members, and it is also offered to groups such as corporations as a team building exercise, a shared family experience, educators, and to age appropriate student groups.  Inquire through this web site to find out donation levels and availability.

Outfitted with period gear, the visitor accompanies living historians as they confront a sudden ambush in the woods, a scout car erupts in smoke and G.I.s start to shout at you to stay with the wounded.   As the skirmish ends, The Museum of American Armor accomplishes its strategic goal of placing you in a time and place when your family played a role in shaping the destiny of the free world.